Controlling cholesterol with bergamot juice

31 Marzo, 2020 Off Di admin
Controlling cholesterol with bergamot juice


Controlling cholesterol with bergamot juice is a condition that doctors and pharmacists agree on.

Many years have passed since the first scientific research which shows the real possibility of balancing cholesterol levels with bergamot juice, the cardiologists of SIC (Italian Society of Cardiologists) made it a workhorse in the 2018 annual conference in Rome. In the 1/2018 edition of the editorial for doctors and pharmacists Farma – Magazine, Federfarma also advises professionals in the sector to disclose Bergamot Juice as a remedy for cholesterol control.

The natural bergamot juice

The specifications for a good bergamot juice are identical to other similar products.

Bergamot juice must be like our supply:
•at 100%
• natural and not concentrated
• without preservatives and / or dyes
• in glass bottles for a maximum guarantee of conservation

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