The miraculous bergamot of Calabria

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The miraculous bergamot of Calabria

The miraculous bergamot of Calabria

It grows with 350 components, including antioxidants and vitamins also unique only in Calabria in southern Italy.
This miraculous peculiarity made it famous in the world previously with the extraction of essential oil. Today, with the latest medical discoveries, the Calabrian bergamot is used for the treatment of specific pathologies.

What is bergamot used for in pathologies?

Like any citrus fruit, it is rich in vitamins and useful for raising the immune system.

It is a cholesterol stabilizer, it has natural statins that can replace the chemical ones. Bergamot as a whole is indicated to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, it has proven to be able to protect the heart from ischemic damage. Lowers blood sugar and triglycerides.

In its dry composition, BERGASTATINA, has a high concentration of naringenin, the substance is a recognized antitumor flavonoid, a bioactive effect on human health as an antioxidant, free radical scavenger, anti-inflammatory, carbohydrate metabolism promoter and immune system modulator . A latest medical review (UNIROMA – October 2020) attributes naringenin as inhibiting the coronavirus covid19.

The miraculous bergamot of Calabria

Many of the characteristics, typical of Calabrian bergamot are accentuated in its powder version, similar to what has always been the component of the famous bergamot tea, earl gray. Bergamot powder – BERGASTATINA – is made with a special AICAL method and evaluated by the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria.

How to use BERGASTATINA bergamot powder

The main indication is for infusion like the famous tea, otherwise with sublingual dissolution (one coffee spoon a day)






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