What is’ Nduja

9 Gennaio, 2020 Off Di admin
What is’ Nduja

A warm shiver. Every 2 kg of meat, 1 kg of chili pepper.
We are talking about the ‘Nduja which, with its strong and decisive flavor, has now become one of the symbols of Calabria … but how is it made?

What is’ Nduja?

‘Nduja, is a salami of Calabrian origin, characterized by a creamy consistency and a particularly spicy taste. The origin of this bizarre name is to be found in the Latin term “inducere”, that is to say introduce, the same from which the name of some Piedmontese salami derives, called “salam dla doja” and of the French “andouille”, a particular pork sausage smoked.

How ‘Nduja is prepared: the ingredients
The fatty parts of the pig (lard, fat and bacon), with the addition of the Calabrian hot pepper (usually 1 kg of chili pepper is mixed in every 2 kg of meat) are stuffed into the blind casing; then salt is added (with a percentage of about 3% of the total). Finally, everything is smoked.

The abundant content of Calabrian red pepper, with its antiseptic and antioxidant properties, means that ‘Nduja does not need preservatives and dyes.

Nduja salami.